This is the personal website of Christian Stahl, a long-time full-stack developer and follower of Jesus for over 30 years.

Here I test some of the functionality and technology that I am curious about and I don't have used at work (yet).

Check out the Psalm Of The Day App, which uses the day of the year to present you with a daily Psalm in various languages and international Bible translations, provided by the American Bible Society.

An additional feature of the Psalm Of The Day is the chapter & verse search.
You might ask, what is that? It comes in handy when you remember the chapter number and the verse number, but you are not sure which book of the Bible the reference was referring to.
Just select a Bible you would like to search, provide the chapter and verse, and you will get your results!

In addition to the Bible versions and translations made available by the American Bible Society, it also has links to the blue letter bible, Bible gateway, Bible server as well as Logos' web app (requires registration).

Click here for more information on how the Psalm of the Day app works.

Other Interests

I am very active in our church, Freedom House, where I have the privilege to teach in our children's church, FH Kids, in the Arrows classroom.

Tuesday morning online prayer meetings on YouTube : Watch the videos here on Facebook.

Got Questions About Jesus?

Believing that Jesus Christ is my Savior and living by the power of His Holy Spirit has changed my life completely, in a much better way.

This did not make all problems disappear, but Jesus promises to walk with you as you encounter difficult situations and give you His wisdom to guide you through them.

It is important that you know that you do not need to be perfect to approach Jesus. If there is something He wants you to change about your life, He will lead you that way after you put your trust in Him, step by step.

This is a good place to start if you are curious: Who is Jesus?

Do you want to know more about going to heaven?