Currently this site offers the Psalm Of The Day App which uses a simple algorithm to present the user with the Psalm of Day.

Since there are 150 Psalms in the Bible, this app will guide the user through the book of Psalms twice every year, with 65 (or 66 in leap years) being covered a third time.

Currently those 65/66 psalms are the first 65/66 of the book of Psalms. A future version will include an option to have the program select a random Psalm or the user might pick one.

This is how it works

The API portion of this app loads all available translations from the bible API. Then it gets the bible books included in each translation. If the books include Psalms, the translation is being added to the list displayed and the list is being cached and served to the web portal.

Once a bible has been selected by the user from the list, another API call retrieves the actual bible text, which is then being displayed to the user.

Technologies Used

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